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Have a Healthy Heart & Soul

Life is short keep it good and healthy. Enjoy your heart & soul

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Books, Business… Read more any where you go. I Like it

John A. A. Logan

Near the end of 2012, Amazon contacted me to ask if they could feature a page from my ebook, The Survival of Thomas Ford, in the new video advert for the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon UK.

The video is at the top left there on the UK page where the Kindle Paperwhite is sold.
Page one of The Survival of Thomas Ford is onscreen from 3.00 to 3.06 in the video as the example of a UK book exclusive to Amazon Kindle Select.
Someone is shown reading page one of The Survival of Thomas Ford as the narrator says:
“…and then there are thousands of books you just can’t find anywhere else like more than 180000 titles exclusive to Kindle.”

It’s quite odd to see onscreen, a Kindle held by a hand resting on a turquoise towel, displaying Chapter One, page one, of your book, with the words alongside:

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Google Online Virtual Tours For Your Business!

The Perfect business in today’s Business market!!

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Joining Dots | Process matters more than data

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Danny Wahlquist WordPress Blog

But data, big or small, is useless if it isn’t applied within a process. And the process is more about people than either information or technology.

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Business Cards – You Must Have Them, But You Have Business Apps Options

Get Ready for Business. Remember it is Your Business!!

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Fort Lee New Jersey Business Today!

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